Construction of the recreated Mount Horeb House and new connector building, along with renovations to the current Museum building will commence in mid-2016.  The resulting plans create a hospitable, attractive campus that preserves and showcases our collection of over 50,000 artifacts and archival items, encourages discussion and appreciation of the Driftless Area, and promotes respect and understanding of regional history.

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​"Driftless Sanctuary"

 Driftless Historium Lobby Sculpture 

Coming 2017 to 100 S. Second Street    Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

    There is something about the shape of a circle, a sphere, a ring, that emits a sense of wholeness and ease. I believe a circular ring shape also holds with it many metaphors that point to the cycles of life, giving a shape to time and well roundedness. 

    The word that comes to mind for me personally with the concept of this sculpture is “nest”. This sketch shows a diverse group of birds perched throughout this nest made from oak branches and prairie grass, which represents the natural landscape that many before us travelled from far distances to eventually call home.

    I myself am a new comer to Mount Horeb, and I always hear people calling it a ‘bedroom community’.  What I see is something much more vibrant, something with a great deal of care put into it. This is where the idea of a nest like form comes into play. I think the term ‘nesting community’ is much more appropriate for Mount Horeb and other surrounding villages for that matter. There is a wide variety of people nesting here, starting families, getting involved with their communities… and the diversity of birds throughout the branches and the large hawk gliding through the ring represents all these people that have come to nest here, perched in the same canopy. This brings me to another interesting point to this concept: this sketch shows what you’d see from 2nd street as you walked up and into the entrance of the lobby/gift shop. As visitors enter, they come through the doorway and look up and will see the organic entanglement of what represents a tree’s canopy filled with birds, as if you were walking right under a large oak.

Driftless Historium  Opening 2017