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       I  work with a high fire stoneware clay body heavy with iron to create a depth of color and texture in the final glazed piece.   This technique is used because of the bright and varied color pallet that can be achieved as well as a guaranteed diversity of color found in each piece.  Each piece is thrown on a Pottery Wheel by hand.  As a result every object  is unique and one of a kind.  

       Each object is made to encourage the viewer to want to explore it with their hands; to feel the texture, weight, and overall essence of the piece.  The goal is that everyone will be able to find that one piece that speaks to you, it just feels right in your hands, it makes you want to explore it with the rest of your senses.  

       The function of each object is sometimes clear and sometimes ambiguous to allow for the individual to determine it’s purpose based on their own interpretation.   When the function is predetermined, special care is given to address each aspect that make the piece work to it’s fullest potential. By embracing the use of a handmade object the individual allows for a connection to be created between maker and user, giving a greater appreciation and purpose to the object.  Each piece is taken from the building stage through the final glaze fire with attention to detail being a main priority resulting in a keepsake that is both beautiful and  functional


Heidi Clayton