Artist Bio

Art has had an influence on my life since birth. Having been brought up in a family whose artistic innovations go back 5 generations, I've learned that the creative act is far more than a hobby or a past time. It is a passionate awakening, a conduit through which identity and meaning of life can be obtained. 

    I was raised in a steel fabrication and blacksmithing studio in Ripon, Wisconsin. My parents showed me the vast possibilities held with the earthen material that is steel. As I was taught the ways of steel working, I immediately wanted to test the boundaries of the material by creating forms inspired by nature.

    I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Although I had already built up a great deal of discipline and work ethic with my parents in their studio, college widened my artistic horizons and instilled a sense of independence that I hadn’t been given the opportunity to have working with my parents. I started doing private commissioned sculpture my Freshman year of college and have been working full time sculpting since I graduated May of 2013. 

    I have recently been showing at art fairs throughout the Midwest, and just recently received Best in Show at the 43rd Annual  Green Lake Fine Arts Fair. I have private collectors that span from the west in California and Colorado to the East in Philadelphia and Georgia. I am currently working on expanding my studio and beginning a series of large abstract work that I will put into sculpture competitions, parks, walks and exhibitions throughout the country.


Steel Sculptor

"As a Sculptor, John presents a broad body of work.  His range of expertise is enviable and his range of expression runs from playful to contemplative."

​     Mark Brueggman

              Senior Lecturer,

             UW Stevens Point

John Pahlas