Center Ground Studios

The studio features Steel Sculpture and Pottery available for sale or custom order. Ceramics Classes and Paint Your Own Pottery are also available.

About Our Studio

Center Ground Studios is dedicated to creating a broad selection of high quality custom and original art to be enjoyed in anyone’s home or garden. Specializing in recycled steel sculpture and wheel thrown pottery, we work with all of the elements to create unique artwork. We strive to connect individuals to the creative process and materials that are involved in the making of each object through educational and other interactive art opportunities.

We are also proud to offer comprehensive art classes for our community and beyond. Classes are taught by a variety of Artists specializing in different mediums and techniques. Come on in and create something beautiful for your home!

Paint Your Own Pottery: TO GO


Heidi’s focus is on functional pottery for everyday use as well as providing ceramic instruction and other art related educational opportunities for people of all ages.


John is a professional steel sculptor who’s custom and original works are all one of a kind and inspired by the ornate and complex qualities of the natural world.

Center Ground Studios

302 E Lincoln Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

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